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About Us

World Wide Web

Based in Seaford, East Sussex, In Tune Computing have been involved with computers since the days of Spectrum, Atari and Amiga. We can remember buying our first "top notch" and "latest spec" PC for around £2000, with a massive (well it was then) 256kb of memory and something like a 20mb hard drive along with a dial up modem. How times have changed.

The constant advance in processing power, internal memory, high tech graphics cards and sound cards has allowed software and programming languages to leap forward, pushing the boundaries.

World Wide Web

In Tune Computing were formed in 2004 and since then we have been building websites and providing website hosting for a wide range of clients including decorators, marine insurance, musicians, wildlife charities, childrens nurseries, tyre fast fit centres and medical instrument cleaning supplies to name a few.

We offer a personal service and enjoy the challenge of turning ideas in to reality. Even when projects are completed we will always there bon your journey to offer advice and support if and when needed.

Offering responsive websites across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms which are also cross browser compatible and well designed to project your image, to ensure that prospective visitors and potential clients will easily find you.

Our Services

delivering responsive websites, eCommerce and hosting solutions for business and private individuals

Responsive Website Design

We design and build websites which are responsive to the platform they are viewed on. Whether it is a PC with a 19" monitor, tablet or mobile phone, the website will be displayed correctly and for ease of use to the viewer. We also check for cross browser compatibility

Pure HTML / CSS Code

To aid good programming technique we prefer to code using pure HTML and CSS. We also use JQuery, and other additional coding, languages and design software to embelish funtionality. We will always work to our clients instructions but will advise if we feel that any processes or design features required are likely to result in low functionality or efficiency. 


For many brochure style websites we can use Bootstrap in the design stage to give a fluid feel and a flowing design. Using this system can on most occassions keep the cost lower as it uses a system called "blocks" which are put together quickly to make a page and then a website.

W3C Compliant

Many designers do NOT check their website coding against W3C standards. Your website may look okay when viewed online but there could be many errors in the coding which are unseen to the naked eye. All websites designed by us undergo a full online W3C compliance check. With pure HTML and CSS websites we aim for websites to pass without any errors or warnings. With the use of JQuery and Bootstrap, warnings may occur during our checks but we will always clear any errors.  


We can provide extremely low cost solutions for eCommerce, without the need for you to have the ability to take card payments with a card terminal. We can have you set up and running in a short amount of time, selling to the UK, Europe or the World, giving you clear guidance and instruction on how to add products, keep customer records, add back office stock control, etc... in plain English. If you can use a computer and edit Word documents then we are sure you will be able to manage the shop software we recommend. Your online shop will be available 24/7 all year round, never missing a prospective purchaser.

Template or Bespoke

We offer either template driven website design or bespoke coding. A template driven website does not mean that your website will look like everyone elses. A template just means that the frame work for the website is already there, saving time and cost. Your theme such as colours, fonts, images, logo, etc.. can still be implemented to make the website unique to you.
 A bespoke website means that we start from scratch and build from the bottom up, creating the framework needed for the content. This involves more work so can add to the final costs. 

Website Hosting

We can provide a cost effective shared hosting solution for small to medium sized businesses as well as options to have your own virtual server or dedicated server should you reach, or be at, the stage where your website traffic has increased to the point where you require more bandwidth, or dedicated server memory. We keep track of all of our hosted websites on a daily basis and will talk to you if we feel you need a more powerful solution.


We can provide varied solutions from simple single and cost effective hosted email accounts with your own unique domain ( subject to availability ) to multiple and multi user email accounts attached to your hosted websites domain name.


In Tune Computing offer a FREE initial consultation service in order to discuss your ideas and vision. We will take your input and build a plan offering you our solution and advice to achieve your goal. We will give you an achievable timeframe along with realistic costings. Please note that we can only keep to the timeframe for completion if we receive all the required information, such as text and images, for the website on schedule.

Quality Control

Once we have build your vision we will present a draft for testing and approval. Should any alterations / ammendments be required, In Tune Computing will re-present the amended website for further approval and testing. This can be undertaken up to three times without the possibility of further cost.
Once we have received final approval the website will go "live" and will be monitored for a period of time to ensure the functionality.

Ongoing Support

We are always here and will never leave you feeling alone. In Tune Computing will provide you with a monitored and dedicated support email address for non urgent queries along with a mobile telephone support number for any emergencies
( should they ever arise ).
The best way for us to help is by getting to know you and your business. We always hope for a long lasting family like relationship.


In Tune Computing will do their best to ensure that all web pages have proper and relevant "Meta" tags to aid with search engine optimisation along with good coding practice. There are also a number of "paid" solutions which can further help search engine optimisation and ranking. Position within search engines can never be gauranteed as there are so many underlying factors involved, unless there are unlimited funds available to keep adjusting and promoting.

Memberships and Affiliations

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